Holiday retreat turns home


Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite projects so far, the future home for my brother. His first owned home.

This house used to serve as a holiday home, very small, with no existing bathroom. So we needed to figure out how to turn it into a suitable home for a young man.

The budget is tight so we couldn’t go trough the big changes like adding rooms, so the current decision is to make the most out of existing space but with everything that is necessary for pleasant and functional everyday life in it.

Since he works from home one of the main areas is the home office space, which needs to be airy and inspiring.

Having in mind that the house has only 30 m2 in which we needed to place the kitchen, bathroom, workspace, bedroom and living area, we needed to think it trough with smart layout and decisions to make the most out of the space and assure the natural flow of it.

When you enter the home there is a very small but functional space for jackets and shoes with a small bench that can be used as a storage space or a seating nook for taking your shoes on/off. With also little box shelf for storage purpose high on the wall.

Just ahead continues the kitchen with build in fridge, sink, oven, cooktop, and a microwave. Storage space is suitable for one person use, with additional wall open shelf that continues on the adjacent wall instead of wall cabinets just to keep it open as possible.

Along the kitchen is a very small dinning table with two chairs to make it easier to move around. I imagined whole kitchen wall in this concrete finish instead of kitchen tiles again for budget reasons and to make that kitchen area kind of blend together with the cabinets itself, not to impose to much to the space but at the same time to be the accent point of the hole home. White shelf brakes the drama and connects the white wall to a white window.

The living area is quite simple but interesting and warm. Since there is not much storage space tv unit is the main storage of the home, with the little fireplace at the spotlight that creates special cosy atmosphere and serves as the main heating source.

With the double balcony doors with access to outside space and garden with beautiful view of the greenery space is just right for relaxation after a long work day.

Style of the home is simple, modern and youthful but with addition of the wood elements and the blue sofa and detailing I added warmth and interest.

Sleeping corner is again small and simple with just a bit extra storage space hidden underneath the bed.

Wishes of the owner was to place the desk right to the bed, so this is work/sleeping space combined together, but to make it more private I divided it with wood panel septum from the entrance.

Green plants brighten up an bring life to the space, and also can be a very smart choice for eyes resting after a long hours of looking at the screen. The house has a very good source of the natural sunlight, so with lighting we kept it simple but effective.

The bathroom is small and simple with just the necessities for everyday use.

I have to say I’m very exited about this project like it’s my own home, and looking forward to seeing it completed.

What do you think about it? Please leave me a comment..

Till the next read take care


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