Old apartment update

Welcome to my first post ever.

Hope you will find it interesting and inspiring for your own home.

One of my first projects was this old house renovation. The owner wanted update flooring and old furniture and also add a small guest bedroom in space that previously served as a staircase.

The staircase was demolished, so the space can turn into a spare bedroom.

Floor heating is installed in the room, so there is no need for radiators, witch is always a good thing in small spaces like this where every centimeter is important.

Something unusual about this room is extra small window placed realy high to the ceiling because of the staircase outside that wall. Considering the very limited source of natural light, with the ceiling fixture I added one extra wall light as additional artificial light source, and also for creating mood in the evening.

Room dimensions are 280×180 cm, and the owner wanted to have a high closet space and a sleeping day bed that can turn into a proper double bed if needed. I added a L shape side table that can easily be moved or used as a night stand even when bed is pulled out for two to sleep in. The closet is narrow but high almost to the ceiling to maximize the storage space.

The owner wanted bright and simple space that’s airy without unnecessery details or open shelfs, with lots of closed storage space, witch we continued trough out the rest of the home.

Continuing on to the main area of the home, kitchen, living and dinning room.

Let’s start with the kitchen, the heart of any home.

The owner already had the kitchen front she wanted, so I combined that existing front decor with the white front on the wall cabinet, and cement looking countertop with similar backsplash that added a bit of drama to otherwise very basic kitchen. The layout of the kitchen basically stayed the same with one small change in replacing the sink cabinet with dishwasher so she can have a little more space between sink and cooktop for food preparation. Again for the storage purpose we made the wall kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling hight, which is always recommended.

The dinning room is connected with the kitchen so I followed the similar look through table top with cement decor finish, white but kind of robust looking legs, and chairs upholstered with durable grey textile and a touch of gold on the chair legs. The chandelier is simple yet interesting touch.

Living space is updated with the new tv unit with lots of closed storage space, and just a few decoration details like living plants that owner loves. The request was to have a working corner somewhere in the livin space, so I decided to continue the tv unit with white simple work table, non intrusive and light. To connect kitchen with the rest of the space I used the same materials on the furniture finishes but combined it with white to feel more light and easy.

Seating area is pretty simple an minimalistic as the client wished, again with bright grey sofa, simple round table with golden touch.

The owner is very happy with the proposal, and se is moving ahead with the realisation in January this year, so we are looking forward to seeing the completed project.

Hope you can extract some of the ideas for your own home..

Until the next read, feel free to write a comment, suggestions or just contact me if you have any design question.


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